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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Listen 'N' Learn - 10th STUDENTS EXAM MATERIAL - DVD PACK - Rs: 400/-

S.S.C Educational Product

This is 10 hours Audio DVD Covered only important answers for the questions in Telugu, Hindi, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Social.

S.S.C edutainment's is the target moving educational product in audio D.V.D, Many students in Andhra Pradesh has succeeded by using this DVD.

This product was introduced basing on the nature and psychology of the children who attains the age of 14-16, at this age the student feels more pressure in school and tuition centers for getting best results. But the basic concept of education is missing here , that is learning and understanding. This product helps them in listening as many times the question and answer and get good command on subject.

Features Of S.S.C Educational Product

    * Covered Answers for the important Questions from the Previous Public Question Papers
    * Designed to Understand and to get by heart easily without any stress  
    * Helps very much at the time of examinations.
    * Also helps for private candidates.
    * Non Stop 10 hours.
    * Covered some important Bits.
    * A.P State syllabus X class
    * General Knowledge (GK) for all
    * Five in one DVD ( Telugu,Hindi, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Social)
    * S.S.C. Educational Product English Medium & Telugu Medium
    * Unique Audio for Easy Understanding