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Sunday, 21 August 2011


Micro Controller Based Smart KVAR Switching System

Application Area

Power distribution stations and sub stations.
Power generating stations.:
Inputs to the controller
System reads current KVAR from Conzerv Unit.

System will sense Digital Input for 10 capacitor banks for auto/ manual selection.
Outputs from the controller
Ten digital output, potential free, for switching on/off 10 capacitor banks.

One potential free contact for compensation alarm
Data Entry
Following setting can be done by user
KVAR set point. KVAR Waiting time in 4 digits XXXX Sec.
Value of KVARs connected at each relay contact.
Re connection time will be fixed between 2 to 5 minutes as per your feedback.
System will continuously monitor current KVAR being supplied by Conzerv unit. And will maintain current KVAR near to set point, In case current value is more than set point, system will add KVAR to bring it near to set point and vise versa in case it is less than the set point.
Auto/Manual Changeover of KVAR
Operator has to select manual mode on PLC before doing any change in the selection of KVAR. Then bring the PLC to auto mode after finishing selection. KVARs kept in manual mode will be discarded for auto operation.