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Saturday, 17 September 2011

Biometric Time Attendance and Access Control - SC 200

  • SC 700

    Introduction :

    SC 700 is a 125 KHz proximity access control terminal with incorporated 3” TFT LCD. The color display and touch screen operation offer a user-friendly and easy menu management. The management software ZK Access 3.5 includes access control and time attendance two modules and has versatile features and powerful functions.



    Features :

    1. 3 inch touch screen
    2. < 300ms Reading
    3. Easy installation, relaible and safe
    4. Built-in Wiegand input/output ports for connection to third party control panels
    5. Elegant design
    6. Audio - Visual Feedback
    7. LED feedback indicator
    8. Integrated 125kHz RFID proximity reader
    9. Reverse Polarity Protection

    Specification :

    Card Capacity    30, 0000
    Transaction Logs    100,000
    Built-in Card Reader    125kHz RFID proximity reader
    Reader Distance    Up to 5cm
    Wiegand Ports    Input and Output
    Indication    Screen, LED &Voice
    Power Supply    6-14V Max.70mA
    Operating Temperature    0 C-+40 C
    Operating Humidity    20%-80%
    Dimension    104*160*36 mm

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