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Product: ERP

ERP is a Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system designed for small to medium businesses to minimize the human work load and improve the operational performance through increased productivity and business agility--while delivering superior ROI over the long term.


·         Easy: Web-based UI is intuitive and discoverable, with role-based Workspace providing an ideal starting point for new users to leverage the ERP
·         Powerful: multi-tab application design and state of the art grid work together to satisfy the most demanding power users
·         Integrated: fully integrated data model with efficient process flows facilitate collaboration and streamline end-to-end operations, providing visibility and enabling more productive use of all types of resources

·         Comprehensive: broad application footprint including Accounting, Sales & CRM, Procurement, Inventory, Production, and Project & Service Management provides the functional basis for business agility
·         Modular: easy in-app access to hundreds of native extensions, localizations, and industry-specific functionality enables ongoing evolution of a best-fit solution, without the complexity of unused features
·         Upgradeable: confidently leverage new modular functionality, maintain a smooth-running, secure system, and stay in control with unique model-driven architecture—which provides data and process integrity across updates and extensions

Return On Investment(ROI)
·         100% Web-based: ensures easy roll out to new users & sites, with access from mobile devices--with cloud deployment option to minimize complexity and capital expense
·         Capital Expense: Easy to own and customize, less expensive when compare with leading competitors.
·         Service: On-demand customer service via, Telephone, Email and on-site support.

·         Role-based workspace & widgets
·         Multi-tab user interface
·         State of the art grid
·         Configurable language for each user
·         Programmable alarms by specific user role or user
·         Keyboard navigation for faster operation
·         Integrated on line help
·         Possibility to attach documents, images or files to any register in the application
·         Navigable network of information (history, related documents, etc.)
·         Output of reports in multiple formats: .html, .pdf, and .xls
·         Configurable filters and flexible record sorting
·         Embedded selectors in the forms for the most used entities (products, business partners, accounts, projects, orders, invoices...)
·         Configurable batch processes of tasks that can be scheduled on specific times

·         Access levels defined per user based on roles
·         Auditing for each transaction
·         Support for secure connection over https

·         Support for CAS based single sign on.
·         Simple integration with other applications through REST web services, easily supporting SOA strategies.

Key Functional Modules:
·         Master Data Management
·         Procurement Management
·         Sales and Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
·         Warehouse Management
·         Financial Management
·         Project and Service Management
·         Business Intelligence (BI) Reports and Charts
·         Retail Point of Sale (POS)