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Sunday, 2 October 2011


Product: POS
POS is a Retail Point of Sale (POS) system designed for small to medium businesses to minimize the human work load and improve the operational performance.
·         Designed specifically for touch screens and compatible with inputs keyboards and barcode scanners.
·         Feature-rich solution with many robust capabilities.
·         Suitable for a wide a range of retail-based businesses.
·         Configurable for any POS environment.
·         Better assist customers.
·         Streamline of processes; faster and more effective.
·         Increase in employees' productivity due to ease of use.
·         Very flexible and highly customizable, can use as standalone and/or web based application
·         No vendor lock-in. supports My-SQL, Oracle and HSQL Databases.
·         PEXPOS’s built in module support for Restaurants/Hotels, etc.,
Key Functional Features:
Master Data Management
Products, categories and subcategories, images, taxes, warehouses, restaurant areas and table layouts, users and roles, etc.
·         Correctly organize and centralize the key data of your business.
·         Guarantee the coherence and tracking of processes.
·         Organize inventory and products by attributes for easy management of similar items.
Sales, Refund and Cash Management
Editing of receipts, product search, tax management, bar coding, discounts, promotions, payment, etc.
·         Flexibly edit multiple receipts from one or many terminals at the same time.
·         Allow for multiple payment methods including cash or card present transactions, and those requiring EMV standards, PCI standards, and Chip/PIN.
·         Easily integrate the POS with third party peripheral systems.

Warehouse Management
Product properties, product movements, inventory count, product receipts, etc.
·         Seamlessly manage multiple warehouses.
·         Keep your inventory constantly up to date.
·         Know the exact localization of your stock at any time.
Reports and Charts
Reporting, filtering, charts, etc.
·         Monitor the state of your retail business.
·         Get the information you need... on time.
·         Improve your decision-making process.
Restaurant Module
Reservation management, customizable restaurant areas, occupation, etc.
·         Manage from end-to-end your reservations.
·         Personalize the different restaurant areas for easier identification.
·         Know your restaurant occupation at any time.
·         PDA Restaurant Ordering Capability.
Roles, users, access restrictions, etc.
·         Secure the access to your POS solution.
·         Manage multiple roles and user profiles.
·         Protect most sensitive actions.
·         Embedded support for integrations with PEXWAY ERP and other applications.
·         Scalable to support configurations ranging from one terminal, to multiple terminals per store, to multiple terminals in multiple stores.
Additional add-on Modules:
KYC: Know Your Customer (KYC) is a end-to-end customer management module.
KYS: Know Your Supplier (KYS) is a end-to-end supplier management module designed keeping view of medium size retail business to manage suppliers effectively. We will make Customized as per your Requirements