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Few Modules: Student Profile, Exams, Attendance, Biometrics, SMS alerts, Fees, Complaints, Payroll, Faculty Performance, Enquirers, Transport, Inventory, Library, Alumni, Front Office, Progress card many more
****** SMS Integration in All Modules******

Student General :

  • Progress card with all or selected Exams, Attendance, Fees and basic Details
  • Student Bio data
  • Students search Based on 15 fields list Student ID, Name, Admission no, Class, Section, gender,
  • Category, Hostel, Caste, Religion etc.
  • DIES Statistics based on Gender, Category, Sub Category, Age, Religion (which must be
  • submitted to DEO every year)
  • Age Bar notifications with days(which must be submitted to SSC)
  • Hall Ticket (Start habituating carrying hall ticket to center while writing exams)
  • Certificates Management
Fee Reports :
  • Whole school Paid List and Unpaid List
  • Class wise Paid and Unpaid List
  • Fee Header wise Paid and Unpaid List
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Annual Fees, Selected date to date Transactions
  • Individual student transaction
  • Concessions list with remarks
Attendance :
  • Absent percentage
  • Presents percentage
  • Regular absents
  • Day to day absentees list
  • Biometric Attendance
  • In Time and Out Time
  • Subject wise attendance
  • Late Presents and Early Leaves of Students and Faculty
  • RFID, Biometric, Password based attendance System
  • Regular Late Comers
Exams :
  • Unlimited Exams(you can analyses daily tests)
  • Class toppers, Subject Wise toppers
  • Pass/Failed list
  • Pass/Failed List of day scholars and hostlers separately and combine
  • Marks Report
  • Student to student comparison
  • Class Wise Subjects Comparison
  • Subjects Wise Comparison
  • Individual student self-comparison with previous tests with previous tests 15 graphical printable
  • charts
  • Exam to exam comparison for a class
Faculty :
  • Faculty Complete profile
  • Faculty performance based on student exam results.
  • Faculty attendance
  • Salary statement
  • Search
  • Front Office:
  • Stock management with purchases and sales
  • Asserts management
  • Complaints
  • Enquirers
  • Certificates printing(TC, CC,SC etc)
  • Expenses management
  • Files and resources management
  • Gate pass
Transport :
  • Get in Bus stop for individual Students
  • Drop Bus stop for individual students
  • Fuel Management
  • Drivers Management
Alumni :
  • Ex – Student data
Library :
  • Books Issues
  • Books Return Including fine
  • Due Date book returns
  • Books Search
  • Import from Excel
Hostel :

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