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  • IFACE400 Series

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    Brief Introduction:

    iFace401 multi-biometric identification time attendance and access control terminal adopts ZKSoftware’s latest ZEM600 platform with ZK Face 7.0 algorithm and large capacity memory. iFace series integrated 630MHz high speed ZK Multi-Bio processor and high definition infrared camera enables user identification in the dark environment. Face and fingerprint multi-biometric identification method will be applicable more widely. All operations of iFace are designed to be performed on the 4.3 inches TFT touch screen. Multi-model communications includes RS232/485, TCP/IP, optional WiFi or GPRS. Optional built-in 2000 mAh battery eliminates the trouble of power-failure.



    1.Identification methods include Face, Fingerprint/RFID and/or Password
    2.Elegant ergonomic design
    3. 4.3’’ TFT touch screen is user-friendly and very intuitive
    4.6 user-defined function keys
    5.Contact relays for door access control (wires to door strike or 3rd party panel)
    6.Web server management software via IE browser.
    7.Optional extendable scheduled-bell
    8.Infra-red optical system enables user-identification in poorly lit environments
    9.Optional built-in battery backup provides approx 4 hours continuous operation
    10.Optional built-in wireless Wi-Fi or GPRS for wireless communication.
    11.Built-in contacts for 3rd party electric lock, door sensor, alarm, exit button, or bell.
    12.Wiegand Output for connections to 3rd party access control panels.

    Specification :

    Display    4.3” TFT touch Screen
    Face capacity    1200 ( 1:N )
    Fingerprint capacity    None
    ID Card capacity    10,000
    Logs capacity    100,000
    Algorithm Version    ZK Face 7.0
    2000Ah backup battery    Optional
    Communication    TCP/IP,RS232/485
    USB-HOST    Two USB-Host
    Wireless Wi-Fi    Optional
    Time attendance    ID Card(402 Optional ),Automatic Status switch, self-service
    Standard functions    Query, Work Code, T9 input, 9 digit user ID, DLST
    Access control interfaces  for    3rd party electric lock, door
        Sensor, exit button
    Wiegand signal    Output
    Optional function    Serial printer, Mifare card, Extendable Scheduled-bell, Short Massage, Web - server, GPRS
    Power supply    12V3A
    Verification Speed    <2 sec
    Operating temp    0 C-45 C
    Operating Humidity    20%-80%
    Dimension    193.6*165*111mm(length*Width*Thickness)
    Gross Weight    1.70 kg