3G Wi-Fi Router - 5 in 1 - ₹: 3,000.00

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 Special Features
Wifi router: change 3g signal to WiFi.
ADSL wireless router: change ADSL signal to wifi signal.
Power bank: 1900mah power bank , act as portable charger for your smart phone, iphone, ipad etc
MIFI function: MiFi used as a name for wireless routers that act as mobile Wi-Fi hotspots
Entertainment share:  WIFI Wireless data sharing and storage, allow iphone to share the document like music, software to computer or phone directly.
Wifi repeate: increase the wifi signal.
When the electric is cut, you still able to have access to wifi, if use normal wireless router, you won't able to do it.
Plug and Play: no need install any software, compatible with all the operating system such Mac, IOS, windows, Linus, Android.

5 in 1 3G- Wireless Storage-Power Charge
3G- Wireless Hotspot
Ethernet Converter
Wireless Repeat
Wireless U-disk
Wireless Media Sharing
Portable Mobile Charger

Product Features

WLAN Performance:
Frequency range: 2.4GHz—2.4835GHz
Transmission distance: 100m indoors, 200m outdoors.(depend upon environment)
RF output power: 11g/n: 12~13/14~15dBm, 11b: 17~18dBm.
Antenna type: built-in 1dBi ceramic antenna

Portable Charger:
Battery: 1800mAH, duration 3.5—8 hours
Charging current capacity is 960mA, charging interval is 4.5 hours.

Software Management:
Embedded configuration guide elfin is easy for installation and operation. Upgrade the latest firmware easily through web configuration. Specific emergency.
Software recovery can ultimately avoids collaps due to failture of software upgrading.

Physical Characteristic:
Size: 95.0mmX34.5mmX18.0mm
Weight: 65g

Network function:
Embedded NAT firewall with SPI, the device supports PING,MAC Address, IP address and content filtering toward URL and domain name, has general network function such as virtual server, VPN penetration, port trigger, DMZ, DDNS.

Multimedia playing and file sharing

Status LED instructions:
In any case, once USB flash disk or mobile HDD is plugged into the device, the blue LED is always light.
The red LED blinking slowly means multi-media and file sharing function is enabling automatically. After Unplugging USB flash disk or mobile HDD, blue LED recovers to blink slowly, it’s indicated that multi-media and File sharing function is disabled. 

Multimedia sharing:
Support the devices having DLNA function, identify automatically and play media files like videos, music, pictures in Wireless storage.
Support tens of video formats such as MKV, Avi, Mp4, mov, 3gp, mpeg, m4v etc.
Support audio formats like LPCM, AAC, AC-3, ATRAC 3plus, MP3, and WMA9.
Support picture formats like JPEG, PNG, GIF, and TIFF.
Terminals with player supporting DLNA installed can Share multimedia playing through the device. Search out the router(by its identifier) as multimedia server in the player and make it without any settings.
Apple platform (iPhone, iPad):
Download the players supporting DLNA from App Store such as Air Player, Good Player, Air Music, flex: player etc.
Android platform (phones and tablets based on android system)
Download the players supporting DLNA from App Store. For example, ten cent video, ascends music, Power DVD, Soft Media, V Player etc.

File sharing:
The device integrates FTP servers, you can download Upload, delete, renew folders here.
Download and install FTP client applications from respective App stores to phones or tablets.   
Then it could make use of file-sharing function.
FTP client software includes: And FTP, elfin FTP etc.
When sharing files through FTP client software in phones or Tablets, simple settings are necessary for the first time.

3G hotsport + mini wifi AP + power bank 
2000mAh USB power bank 
Support Wifi Media Sharing function 
150Mbps peak rate 

Status indicating LED description

LED status
Solid on
Solid on
Power up ,system’s starting
Slow blink
Standby mode
Connecting Internet
Solid on
Connect successfully,have access to Internet.
Slow blink
Solid on
Activate wireless storage

Battery indicator:
    Show remaining charge: In whatever status it’s, press charge indicating button (beside switcher) to view charge balance in terms of the LEDs’ status.(4 lights being all on means full charge )View charging status: Plugging an external adapter, blue LED being on shows it’s charging now, and blue LED being off shows full charge. 

Physical interface:
Operated in 3G and WiFi mode as LAN port, serves as WAN port in wired connection mode.

Connect with 3G wireless Internet card (China Unicom/China mobile/China telecommunication).Link with digital products such as iPhoneiPad,smart phones, tablets as a charger.
Micro USB
Connect to an adapter or USB port on PC for charging.
Charge indicating button                                

Press down the button, battery indicator
shows current charge balance.
Press on this button over 5 seconds, and loosen it. Factory reset
Start up
Mobile power function: charge all kinds of digital products via USB port.
Power off

Environmental conditions:
Operating temperature: 0?--+40?(32104°F)
Once devices with WiFi enabled or Ethernet connect with the router, type the default address( through browsers in them, a check dialog box pops up, and then input the account and password (both is “admin” by default), have access to the Webpage for configuration.
 Default networking mode is 3G. If it needs to switch into WiFi mode or Ethernet mode, please access the configuration webpage.
 Network access
The device supports 3 networking approaches: 3G/ADSL/wireless WISP.
3G: push the switcher to “R” position, default mode is wireless 3G. Insert wireless network card into USB port, and the device will be able to dial-up automatically without any settings.
Cable bandwidth internet access: It contains 3 modes: DHCPPPPOESTATIC. This is the same way as PC accesses Internet via Ethernet port .
WiFi networking: Like WiFi cards, in the WiFi mode set-up window, click “start scanning”, and it should display nearby APs, select preferred AP (by SSID), type its security mode and password if needed.
Charging operation instructions on digital devices
Shut-down charging: push switcher to “c”, connect power lines of digital products to USB port on the router, at this time the device will charge iPhone /iPad/Android Smartphone etc.
 Start-up charging: Push switcher to “R”,  connect power lines of digital products to USB port on the device, here the device will charge iPhone /iPad/Android/smartphone etc.
Package Contents 
Panta-01PS main unit 1 pcs.
0.6 micro USB power cable x1Pcs.
Mini power adaptor 1Pcs.
User manual.