Fingerprint Reader / Scanner is very safe and convenient device for security instead of password, that is vulnerable to fraud and is hard to remember. Use USB Fingerprint Scanner / Reader with our Biometrics software for authentication, identification and verification functions that let your fingerprints act like digital passwords that cannot be lost, forgotten or stolen.

Why Fingerprint Scanners ?
  • Scratch proof surface
  • Expected life span of 5-10 yrs
  • Free Software Development Kits
  • FVC No. 1 fingerprint matching algorithm

IMG 0572 150x150 Fingerprint Scanners
              Fingerprint Scanner enBioScan-C1 , a special scanner from BioEnable will be the most flexible and user friendly product in the industry as the customers will be benefited for its Ergonomic design and can make changes to the design based on their own requirements.   Sensor OPP08 Dimensions 39 [...]

dual fingerprint scanners 150x150 Fingerprint Scanners
Dual Fingerprint Scanners are the advanced fingerprint capture devices with large fingerprint input window used for scanning two fingers at a time. Its also called Dual Fingerprint reader or Two Finger scanner. Scanning two fingers together provide much larger set of fingerprint data leading to better fingerprint matching and identification. In applications involving database of [...]

Hamster 2 150x150 Fingerprint Scanners
  FingKey Hamster DX II is a unique live fingerprint scanner that includes feature of Live Finger Detection (LFD) along with USB 2.0 Interface .This live fingerprint scanner allows to verify authorized fingerprint using fake finger identification technology. Fingkey Hamster is largest selling USB Fingerprint scanner in India since last 10 years. It has been used in over [...]

usb fingerprint scanner 150x150 Fingerprint Scanners
Fingkey Hamster DX is largest selling USB Fingerprint scanner in India since last 10 years. It has been used in over 500 Government & Civil ID Projects. Its known for its scratch proof surface, crystal clear fingerprint images and expected lifespan of 5 to 10 years. USB Fingerprint Reader / Scanner is very safe and convenient [...]

Hamster III 1 150x150 Fingerprint Scanners
                            The New Fingerprint reader Fingkey Hamster III is a fingerprint recognition device with advanced Liver Finger Detection (LFD) for high security applications. This Fingerprint reader is available with new design, new innovation in Dry finger detection & Fake finger detection. USB [...]

BioScan10 logo 150x150 Fingerprint Scanners
BioScan 10 is a Ten-print Fingerprint scanner is high-end fingerprint scanner suitable for UID Aadhaar project, Government National ID, Police, Immigration/Visa applications. Its also called Ten fingerprint scanner, Slap fingerprint scanner or 4+4+2 fingerprint scanner. BioScan 10 is the first Ten print fingerprint scanner launched by an Indian company. BioScan 10 is 10-print Livescan certified according [...]

fingkey mouse video1 300x218 150x150 Fingerprint Scanners
            Introduction Fingerprint Mouse is the fingerprint recognition mouse equipped with a compact NITGEN optic fingerprint recognition module, which provides high performance. It is the product developed in a unity adding the function of fingerprint recognition to optic wheel mouse. It supports both USB and Parallel, deployed in every field like [...]

M301 150x150 Fingerprint Scanners
BioEnable’s Multispectral Fingerprint Scanner supports several modes of operation. This self-contained intelligent device performs all biometric functions and processing inside the sensor and provides on board template storage for both search and verification functions. It performs image processing, image output, feature extraction,biometric template generation, 1:1 matching or verification, 1:N matching or identification, and a pass/fail [...]