ERM Tracking Devices

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I'd like to introduce you to our company and unique product line,

ERM Advanced Telematics, is a Vehicle AntiTheft / Security and Telematics systems R&D center and manufacturer.
Established in 1985 (Subsidiary of Ituran Group (NASDQ: ITRN)), with over 950,000 GSM/GPS devices sold globally,
ERM is one of the major manufacturers of GSM/GPS tracking devices in the world.

Our developments such as a unique Cellular Jamming solution, small size Driver Behavior and Black Box unit,
allows our partners and customers to position themselves as leaders in their market.

Based on over 950,000 units spread across the globe, we offer ASPs (Application Service Providers) and system
integrators in the security and AVL fleet management, 3 kinds of our popular telemetric devices.
Introducing ERM's Solutions:

·         GPRS\3G GPS vehicle locator and communication terminal
·         Fuel and Temperature adapter
·         Accident sensor and driver behavior
·         Two way Active RFID remote for driver identification and control
·         Specialty in CANBUS Technology
·         Garmin support

·         Low power consumption tracking device
·         Built in advanced Alarm System
·         Two way Active RFID driver identification remote

·         GPRS\3G GPS vehicle locator and communication terminal
·         Two way Active RFID remote for driver identification and control
·         Built in Hands Free voice kit (e-Call)
·         Solution for Cellular and RF Jamming

Additional applications: 
·         Driver Behavior: ERM developed a small size full featured Driver Behavior and Black Box unit to be able to fully
analyze driver use of the vehicle at all times especially before, during and after accident event.
·         ImmobilizersWide range of Keypad controlled RF wireless immobilizers allowing maximum security
concealment and easy fitting.
·         Alarm Systems and Anti-theftWide range of car alarm systems supporting several sensors and accessories.
·         Driver ID: either Dallas iButton or numeric KeyPad (recommended) with or without engine kill relay for security.
·         Trailer ID: ERM offers the Dallas iButton for constant installation, you will be alerted every time the trailer is
separated from the truck and periodically get the trailer ID when connected.
·         CANBUS Reading and Querying: ERM developed a set of CAN devices to answer different needs of in vehicle
information reading and querying:
o    CANalog: a BlackBox that combines CANBUS (FMS, J1939, J1708, FIAT, FORD) for economic driving
diagnostic and parameters recording + 3D accelerometer for crash report and data storage (70 seconds 10ms
o    MagiCAN D: a small size, non intrusive CAN sniffer. Using the MagiCAN you can read specific information
from CANALOG wires without cutting or harming them in any way.
o    MagiCAN G: small size CAN reader + advanced rule engine to allow receiving alerts based on complex
parameters combination. Using MagiCAN abilities can reduce cellular data by sending predefined alert messages only.

Along with our 2Trackit fleet management web application, and Roaming agreement across the globe, you may have an ultimate
end to end solution
 for your customers.

I would like to offer you these and more innovative solutions and our R&D visions and capabilities.
Using our technology can and will assist you to stand out and increase your market share, as many of our partners do
every day.

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