Handheld Business Terminal UT 100

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POS Handheld Billing Machine is GPRS Enabled machine. This Device is very compact and light weight machine (less than 500grms). This machine is equipped by highly qualified professionals which serves as a Handheld computer. This Device is Web enabled and helps the customer to do instant bill generation in the field and the transactions thus manipulated will be stored to the Server integrated. This Device also facilitates offline and online mode of functioning which helps in achieving the data loss to be mere. The data of the Customer will be high secured. Handheld Billing Machine had 128*64 dots LCD and 6*5 Keys Keypad (alpha Numeric).


  • POS Machine is easy to operate and user friendly to the operator. 
  • This Device is highly secured with User Name and Password assigned.
  • No Loss of data.
  • Possibility of Device accessibility is provided with USB connection.
  • This Device holds the Customer Data like Customer ID, Name, Due Balance etc.
  • Performs report analysis on daily, weekly and monthly basis in a precised way.
  • High level accuracy of Import and Export data.

Applications:- Both Online and Offline

  • Cable Billing
  • Chit funds
  • Micro Finance
  • Milk Collection
  • Route Sales
  • Retail Billing of Various Types
  • Door to Door Billing
  • Petrol Bunk Billing
  • Toll Gate Token Issue
  • Jewelry Cost Estimation
  • Field Collection / Loan, Recovery for Banks, Insurance & NBFCs. 
  • Ticketing in Govt. Transport Corporation Buses & Private Buses. 
  • Ticketing in Zoo / Museum / Parks Lots. 
  • Courier Services Data Entry and Processing.
  • Parking Coupon Issue.
  • KOT Processing.
  • Shop / Restaurant / Fuel Billing.
  • Billing in Delivery Sales Van, Payment Collection / Order Processing in Distribution Network.
  • Spot Billing for Electricity & Water Companies.
  • Property Tax Collection and many more applications.


Sophisticated environments like AC room, Computer furniture & qualified operator also are not required.

Virus threat is also ruled out. Since handheld business terminal is programmed for specific applications, there is no chance for misuses.

Though the operation is simple for laymen, security is ensured by data encryption and multi-level password protections.

Handheld Business Terminal can be used in places where keeping (or carrying) a set of PC + Printer + UPS is impossible