All in One Wifi Router 3800mAh

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Special Features

Wifi router: change 3g signal to WiFi.
ADSL wireless router: change ADSL signal to wifi signal.
Power bank: 3800mah power bank , act as portable charger for your smart phone, iphone, ipad etc
MIFI function: MiFi used as a name for wireless routers that act as mobile Wi-Fi hotspots
Entertainment share:  WIFI Wireless data sharing and storage, allow iphone to share the document like music, software to computer or phone directly.
Wifi repeater: increase the wifi signal.
When the electric is cut, you still able to have access to wifi, if use normal wireless router, you won't able to do it.
Plug and Play: no need install any software, compatible with all the operating system such Mac, IOS, windows, Linus, Android.