Handheld Business Terminal GL 11

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POS for EPass Post Matric Scholarship verification

The Government of India is providing financial assistance to the SC,ST BC, Disabled & Economically backward class students studying in Post Matric courses on saturation approach to enable them to complete their education. In this process, during last academic year 2012-2013, government has shared Rs.2100 crores to nearly 29 lakhs students pursuing post matric courses approved by the University/Board. welfare department has automated the process thru Epass portal with data digitalization, submission of applications and renewals for the scholarships. This scholarships are directly transferred to the student account DBT (Direct Benefit Transfer).Since all the students are enrolled in AADHAAR, department has indent to use the verification system at every college using POS terminal which has STQC certified finger print scanner.

Department of social welfare Government of AP.

Proposed Solution
  • POS terminals with STQC certified biometrics and inbuilt digital signature pad are installed at every college for smooth running of Post Metric Scholarship verification process
  • Each college have to login in the device to connect with epass using their respective Login ID, Password given by the department.
  • Respective Student's AADHAAR number have to be entered in the device and thru GPRS connectivity the device gets the details of the student and it will be displayed on the screen.
  • After verifying the details, Digital signature of the Principal and Student are captured on the POS's inbuilt Digital signature pad.
  • Later student keep his finger on the scanner of the POS where his finger print was acquired thru POS and verified through AADHAR/UIDIA server.
  • If the concerned student is the correct person who is eligible for the scholarship then we will get success tab on the device or else we will get failure one.
  • After performing all these steps, total information along with digital signature will be transferred to Epass department.
  • When a farmer comes to the retailer to purchase fertilizers, the beneficiary needs to show the beneficiary card provided to him and the system reads the information provided in the card, asks for the finger- print, authenticates the beneficiary and issues the required items.
  • The same will be updated to the server through GSM/GPRS on real time and can provide print receipts to the customer and retailer. So the retailer can claim the same to the government for the subsidy amount.

GL-11 Products Used
GL – 11 with integrated signature pad.

Weeds out fake students.
Online authentication of the finger prints as per UIDAI authorized API version 1.6.
Epass job gets easy as their burden for student verification will be decreased.

The beneficiary now uses his Aadhaar number for every Aadhaar enabled transaction without having to check for his best finger every single time as it is already stored in the POS terminal.


GL-11 terminal with in-built finger print scanner is specially designed to address NREGA, Microfinance and PDS Segments with  all AADHAAR based or biometric authentication for beneficiary transactions with STQC Certified FPS for Bio-Metric Authentication. It is based on CCD finger print sensor with proprietary and precise algorithms which support ANSI378 and ISO19794-2 template formats for both enrollment and verification. The GL-11 comes with seamless connectivity options like GSM/GPRS, CDMA and Ethernet.
GL-11 supports all the payment with related logical interfaces with ISO7811 for Magnetic stripe reader and ISO 7816 supported Smart card reader and optional Contact-less card reader. The fingerprint sensor is conveniently placed for user access.

GL-11 POS supports interfaces with all types of payment gateways and AADHAAR Server with related logical interfaces with ISO7811 for Magnetic stripe reader and ISO 7816 for Smart card reader and STQC Certified FPS for AADHAAR Authentication.

Application Areas

  • Banking
  • Financial Institutions
  • Medical & Health Care
  • Micro Finance
  • Micro ATM
  • E-Governance
  • Identification
  • Attendance Management
  • Police Challan
  • Security Access Control
  • UIDAI/AADHAR Based Verification
  • Digital Signature

  • Touch Screen TFT LCD with 320 X 3(RGB) X 240 Pixels
  • Virtual Keypad on LCD
  • QWERTY Keypad
  • Built-in Magnetic Swipe Card Reader*
  • SmartCard Reader / Contactless Reader *
  • High Performance Optical Sensor (500dpi)*
  • with large capture area 14mm x 22mm
  • Optical Finger Print Scanner of ANSI & ISO formats *
  • 1:1 authentication and 1:N identification
  • Storage capacity of up to 500 users or 1,000 templates.
  • Linux operating system
  • In-built Speaker for announcements


Display3.5Inch Touch Screen TFT LCD 320 X 3(RGB) X 240 pixels 
Virtual Keypad on LCD
ProcessorARM9 32-bit Core CPU @ 400MHz
Memory256 MB RAM (DDR) / 256MB/512MB Flash
Operating SystemLINUX Operating System (Ver 2.6)
KeypadQWERTY Keypad ;
Alpha Numeric (A-Z;0-9)
Function keys (F1-F8)
Special Keys(Shift,Back,Cancel,Enter,Space,Fn)
PrinterThermal graphic printer;
8 dots/mm: 57mm (2.25 in.) wide paper
Speaker1W Speaker supporting WAV and MP3 files
Interfaces/Connectors/td>RS-232 (RJ45 Connector for console / Serial port)
One USB Host
One USB Device
Micro SD card holder for extendable memory size
2 SAM Slots
2 SIM Slots
Finger Print ScannerHigh Performance Optical Sensor (500dpi),
MINEX & NIST Certification for FPS;
Optical (Morpho) 
Capacitive (Authentic )
Magnetic Swipe Card ReaderISO7811 3-Track Magnetic Swipe Card Reader
Smart Card ReadersISO7816 Contact Smart Card Reader 
Dual Contact Smart Card Reader
Contact-less Smart card Reader (ISO14443, Mifare, NFC) 
Communication ModulesLAN 10/100 BASE-T; Standard RJ45 connection 
GSM / GPRS, (Quad band) (SMA female antenna connection)
CDMA 1X2000; SMA female antenna connection
Wi-Fi with b/g/n supports
GPSInbuilt GPS Module
Power AdaptorAC input 100 - 240V, 50/60Hz DC output 9V, 2.2A
BatteryLi-ion 7.4V/2600mAh
TemperatureOperating : 0°C to 55°C
Humidity95% RH non condensing
ImmunityIEC 61000-4-2, Level 3 
IEC 61000-4-3, IEC 61000-4-4, IEC 61000-4-5, IEC 61000-4-6, 
IEC 61000-4-8, IEC 61000-4-9, all Level 4
SafetyCE Certified
Dimensions (mm x mm x mm)245 x 96 x 85 (L x W x H)
Weight750 gms
indicates optional feature

Product Configuration

1.0Standard Features
1.1ProcessorARM9 32-bit core CPU @400 MHz
1.2MemoryRAM: 256 MB RAM (DDR)
1.3Display3.5 Inch Touch Screen TFT LCD 320 X 240 pixels;Virtual Keypad on LCD
1.4KeypadQWERTY Keypad; Alpha Numeric (A-Z;0-9); Function keys (F1-F10);
Special Keys(Shift,Back,Cancel,Enter,Space,Fn)
1.5PrinterThermal graphic printer, 8 dots/mm resolution
1.6Communication ModulesLAN 10/100Base-T
1.7Audio1W speaker supporting wav and MP3 files
1.8Interfaces/ConnectorsRS-232 (RJ45 Connector for console and Serial file transfer)
USB Host 'A'
Micro SD (upto 16 GB)
2-SAM slots
Paper RollThermal paper 57mm wide and 20Mtrs length
Power Adaptor9V D.C, working on 100 to 240V A.C, 50 / 60Hz / 2.2A with 5mm Plug
Battery7.4 V / 2600mAH Li-Polymer type
Serial console cableRJ45 8P8C one side with DB9 pin termination other side for PC interfaces
DocumentationUser's Manual
2.0Optional Features
2.1Magnetic Swipe Card ReaderISO7811, 3 Track Magnetic Swipe Card Reader, Bi-directional swipe
2.2Smart Card ReaderISO 7816 compliance, contact smart Card Reader
Dual Contact Smart Card Reader
Contact-less smart card reader with ISO 14443 A/B compliant, MIFARE
2.3Communication Modules
GSM / GPRSQuad/Dual Band
1x SIM Card holder
Standard Antenna: 1x Standard Stick Antenna
Optional Antenna: 1x Magnetic Whip Antenna (5dB with 3 meters)
Optional Antenna: 1x GSM Magnetic Whip Antenna(5dB with 5 meters)
1x UIM Card holder
Standard Antenna: 1x Standard Stick Antenna 
Optional Antenna: 1x Magnetic Whip Antenna (5dB with 3 meters)
Optional Antenna: 1x Magnetic Whip Antenna (5dB with 5 meters)
2.4Wi-FiWi-Fi with 802.11 b/g/n
2.5GPSInbuilt GPS
2.6Finger Print ScannerCapacitive Finger Print Scanner
Smart Bio-metric module (ANSI 378/ISO 19794-2 minutia support)
2.7AccessoriesUSB Host (Type A) to USB Device (TypeB) cable 
Carry Bag
2.8External Battery Charger4 batteries holder with Adaptor 9V/3A without batteries
2.9Software ToolsVISIONTEK GL-11 SDK
POS Image Download Tool