Desktop Billing Machine Tracker Pro

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TRACKER PRO Cash registers are designed for retail cash billing at sales outlets. It incorporates a host of features for a variety of businesses like hostels, petrol pumps, bakeries, poultices etc. TRACKER PRO brings you high performance and reliability on a state of the art hardware platform and lets you automate your business with ease.

Features and Specifications:-
  • 2 inch thermal printer
  • Supports external 40 Col / 80 Col dot matrix printer
  • 48 key heavy duty keyboard with 32 hot keys
  • Supports external PC keyboard
  • 1000 items / PLUs
  • Memory for last 50,000 items billed
  • KOT
  • Stock Entry
  • 500 customer accounts
  • Shift accounting
  • Cash In / Cash Out
  • Daily Reports
  • Item wise Report
  • Provision for Discounts, Taxes Service charges and price override
  • Support for credit cards and coupons
  • Programmable header footer messages
  • 3 Programmable font sizes
  • 4 level password protection for setup and reports
  • Individual password for users
  • Real time clock
  • Inbuilt battery with 12 hours idle time and 1000 bill operation time
  • Inbuilt battery charger
  • Can copy bill, stock, account data to USB pen drive in MS EXCEL readable format
  • PLU data can be stored / retrieved using USB pen drive
  • Can take direct weight input from weighing machines
  • Support for barcode Scanners
For All Your Billing Requirements
The modern world is moving with very fast pace. It requires modern equipment's and gadgets to cope up the speed with which it is moving ahead. One cannot remain at the back end. Most of the time, people do not have enough time to wait in the queue or, enough time to pay for the things they buy in grocery shop or at the bakery or at petrol bunk. They want to make fast payments, and to receive receipts. One can imagine a number of different outlets that require receipts for the payments received. Therefore, we brought an unique gadget that is user friendly and time saving. Their Electronic Cash Register POS “Tracker Pro” is a versatile electronic billing machine is compatible with all types of industries.

Features of Electronic Billing Channels : It is one of the gadget in your must to have list, with customized software if you are having a business outlet where the receipt for cash payment is a must. At the same at the end of the day it is possible to tally every account that is carried out in the concerned business. Automation of cash receipts in a business enterprise not only helps to compare the account, it also helps in the analysis of transactions executed by the business enterprise. Apart from having a long battery life, very good display to indicate the transaction, and adoption of regional languages. This Portable Billing Machine has got other salient features that are very important at the end of the business. Owners can get item wise report, along the with discounts provided by the shop, services taxes and price override, reports concerned with credit cards and coupons, reports can be generated for the individual users who have got regular transactions with the enterprise, most importantly for any business enterprise this unique Electronic Billing Machine can save up to last 50,000 memories, intact. High quality and compatibility with all kinds of business transactions are the key features in all their products.Its inbuilt battery has got an idle time of 12 hours and 1000 bill operation time. It can support direct weight output from weight machines, and it can support barcode scanners, moreover can copy bill, account data in MS excel sheet in a USB pen drive. One can get 40 to 80 column print out data connected with external dot matrix printer. It can be used for both the functions, meaning, that cash received and cash paid accounts.

Security: When there is such a large data accumulated during the daily transactions, there is a need to provide security to protect the transactions, otherwise there is always danger of manipulation of the accumulated data. Therefore the data in this Electronic Cash Register has to be protected with multiple level password protection. Billing Machine Manufacturers know this very well; therefore, they have taken all types of precautions to protect their device from any types of manipulations.

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