Biometric Door Lock - L7000U

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  • L7000-U

    Introduction :

    The fingerprint lock offers state-of-the-art single door management solution that provides you with unmatched options that comes with OLED. You can verify a person and open the door with fingerprint and password. The All-in-one fingerprint lock is very convenient to operate.
    Enrollment and management of users are done on the OLED display. There are three user levels available to manage the system effectively- administrator, supervisor and user. An administrator can do add, delete or change users very easily at the lock.
    With the U.S. standard single latch and reversible handle design, this lock can replace cylindrical knob lock and can be installed easily.
    The USB port for data transmission is the main feature of the lock which makes it easy to download user transactions from the lock – Professional and Intelligent.

    Features :

    1. Simple menu, easy operation, intelligent communication
    2. Zinc alloy die-casting.
    3. Verification Methods: fingerprint, PIN or Key
    4. American Standard Cylinder, optional single and double bolt
    5. OLED display and USB interface
    6. Front panel color option: silver & black.
    7. 500 user templates, 100 passwords,30,000 user capacity.
    8. Easy for installation.
    9. DIY design, reversible handle from Left to Right.

    Specification :

    Model No.    L7000-U
    Material    Zinc Alloy
    Display    OLED
    Fingerprint Sensor    ZK Optical Sensor
    Resolution    500 dpi
    Fingerprint templates    500
    Password    100
    Event capacity    30,000
    Methods    Fingerprint, Password
    Communicating Method    USB flash disk
    Lenght of password    6~10 digits
    Operating Environment
     Humidity    20 %~ 80%
    Power input    4 x 1.5V AABattery
    Low battery warning voltage    < 4.8V
    Backup Unlock Mechanism    Emergency battery & Mechanical key
    Dimension (L x W x H)    185 *72*68 mm

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