Biometric Face Detector Time and Attendance System - VF700

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  • VF700

    Brief Introduction:                            

    VF700 is a face identification T&A terminal with face, PIN and RFID recognition modes. With the latest face identification algorithm and streamlined technology, it can hold 400 face templates without dividing into groups and complete verification in less than 1 second. Communicating via Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and USB (host and client), it can ensure a smooth connection and data transfer. All the settings can be easily done on 3-inch TFT touch screen. It has been elaborately designed and finely processed to match your slap-up office perfectly.


    Features :

    1.Elegant ergonomic design.
    2.Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and USB (host and client) communication.
    3.3-inch TFT touch screen, T9 Input, 9 Digit User ID.
    4.Infra-red optical system enables user-identification in poorly lit environment.
    5.Optional Mifare card module.
    6.Professional face identification algorithm.

    Specification :

    Capacity   800 face templates
    Transaction Capacity   100,000 transaction
    Hardware Platform    ZEM810
    Camera   High Resolution Infrared Camera
    Sensor   ZK Optical Sensor ( Stereo Dual Sensor )
    Algorithm Version   Zk Face v7.0
    Built-in Card Reader   125kHz RFID proximity reader / Mifare optional
    Communication   TCP/IP , USB-host
    Verification Speed   < 1s
    Standard Function   ID Card, Automatic Status switch,Self Service  Query, Bell
    Built-in Camera   300 000 pixel camera for photo ID
    Power Supply   12V DC 3A
    Operating Temperature   0 “C-45 “C
    Operating Humidity   20% - 80%
    Dimension   104*160*36 mm

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