Smart Glass switchable Films

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Smart Glass switchable Films [Smart Glass]

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Smart Glass Film is based on digital shading technology that allows the color of the film to go from non-transparent to transparent when you apply a current through it. Smart Glass Film will give you the option for privacy on demand by adjusting the amount of light traveling through your window (PDLC Film) Material: Two layer PET-ITO conducting film+Middle inside (LCD)Liquid Crystal Membrane.


1. Privacy protection. As most important function, smart glass can be changed from transparent to opaque via easy model ON & OFF.

2. Perfect function of safety. As smart glass is a special kind of laminated glass, it has all the good function of the laminated glass, mainly the security. 

3. Environmental protection feature. Blocks more than 99% UV rays ,avoiding fading in the room. 

4. Sound proof. With excellent damping action, the smart glass is easy to block the noise.

5. Projection. Smart glass is a good projection screen. When it is under suit light, the perfect projection appears.