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Mifare Card Reader and Writer

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Mifare Card Reader and is designed to Read, Write and Authenticate contact less cards. It supports various secure cards of several manufacturers like Philips, Siemens, and Atmel etc.
The reader is designed with world-class hardware and Fabricated under tightly controlled QC.
The microprocessor used is CMOS, 8bit RISC and the card plug is of Barium Copper with a life expectancy of > 300,000 insertions.
The operating power for the reader is drawn from USB port and no external power pack is required. The DLL’s and API’s will simplify Reader integration with user’s applications.
Since we just flash the card near the reader, there is no question of wear and tear of the cards, also the life and function of entire system is more as there is not any need to swipe or contact.

      Technical Specifications
  • Reader Type : Micro Controller based intelligent Reader Contact less type supports Reading, Writing and Authentication.
  • Card Support: Secure cards 1kb mifare cards
  • Communication: RS232/USB
  • Power: Draws from USB port
  • Compliance: ISO7816
  • Development Tools: DLL’s & API’s

  • Time Attendance
  • Loyalty
  • Hospital Management
  • Club Member Management
  • Campus Salutation
  • Any PC based application
  • Embedded solutions 
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IP Based Fingerprint Biometric Time Attendance cum Access Control System - SB100CB

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Free expensive human resources so that you can put them to more productive use
Saves money: people, paper, time
Measures people productivity accurately
Ensures staff discipline
Prevents buddy punching
Acts as an important input to payroll
Scales as your business grows
Interfaced with EM Locks to manage the access to your Office/Factory
Monitor & analyze absence to reduce impact on productivity
Is rugged and tough to withstand industrial use
Is user friendly and simple to install
Can be configured for custom reporting for compliance with local regulations
Improve Organizational efficiency and growth with employee performance
Accurate processing and reconciliation of time clock software data with ease
Highest Accuracy and good Operational speed: will never open the door for an unrecognized intruder
Provide the fastest and safest method of recording attendance and ensuring security.


32 Bit High Speed Microprocessor
3" Black & White LCD Display
3,000 User Capacity
1,00,000 Transaction Storage Capacity
Optical Sensor with 600 dpi Resolution
Matching speed of < 1sec
Automatic Server Synchronization
Communication: TCP-IP & USB
Back Up: USB
Identification Modes: Fingerprint & Password
Weigand IN Supported
Audio Messages

32bit RISC CPU
3" B/W LCD
Finger Print Scanner
High Resolution Optical (≥than 600dpi)
Transaction Record
1,00,000 Impressions
User Record
Authentication Mode
Finger Print/Password
Voice Guided
Communication Mode
0.0001% & 0.01% max
Speed Mode
IEEE 802.2, Ethernet TCP/IP
Authentication Angle
Data Backup Support
Authentication OSD
Person Name and ID display
Automatic Server to Device Synchronized
Data Transmission
Online or Offline
Lock Control
Temperature Humidity
-10°C ~ 50°C lower then 90% RH
Source of Power

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eN Bio Scan

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IMG 0573 300x200 Fingerprint Scanner enBioScan C1

FBI PIV certified fingerprint scanner enBioScan-C1 -STQC Certified  
Fingerprint Scanner enBioScan-C1 , a special scanner from BioEnable  will be the most flexible and user friendly product in the industry as the customers will be benefited for its Ergonomic design and can make changes to the design based on their own requirements.
Features - Fingerprint Scanner enBioScan- C1 
    • High Quality image Capturing
    • User Friendly
    • Perfect Suit for Government / Semi Government / Banking Projects -Works seamlessly with UIDAI-Aadhaar Authentication server
    • Complies to ISO Standards (ISO 19794-2/4, ANSI378)
    • Supports WSQ compression for images
    • Strong Performance for Wet/Dry fingers
    • Auto-on to detect placed fingers
    • World’s most reliable fingerprint algorithm(Top ranked in FVC)
Technical Specification - Fingerprint Scanner enBioScan- C1
 Sensor OPP08
Dimensions39 x 88.7 x 88.7 mm
Image Size260 x 330 pixels
InterfaceUSB 2.0 High / Full speed
Image Acquisition TimeFull Speed : Avg. 500msec.
High Speed : Avg. 130msec
Operating Temperature 20~60 ̊C
Humadity < RH 90%
Power Source USB BUS Power
OS Windows 2K/XP/Vista/7 ,Windows Server 2003/2008,  Linux Kernel 2.6 or later
Auto-On o
Certificate KC, UL, CE, FCC, FBI PIV, FIPS201

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Fingkey Access Plus

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Fingerprint Access Control

Fingkey Access Control is stylish and speedy authentication fingerprint access control system with Live Finger Detection Function and supports keyphone extention .This fingerprint access control system offers superior matching engines with audio acknowledgement .Its offers easy time attendance and access control management for your enterprise company from multiple terminal operate independently on remote location.
Features Fingkey Access Plus -Fingerprint Access Control System
  • Touch Keypad
  • Keyphone Extension
  • Audio Acknowledgement
  • Superior Matching Engine
  • 1st in FVC(Fingerprint Verification Competition)
  • Auto-on™ Function
  • USB Memory Slot
  • Easy data transfer using USB memory stick
  • Function Key
  • 4 Function keys for user-defined functions (F1~F4)
  • Clock In / Clock Out / Absence / Return
  • Multifactor Authentication
  • Fingerprint, RF card, Password
  • Any authentication methods can be used concurrently
Specification -Fingkey Access Plus -Fingerprint Access Control System
32 bit / 400MHz (Marvell)
16MB DRAM / 8MB Flash
128×32 Graphic LCD (Black&White)
FP Sensor Type
FP Sensor Resolution
500 DPI
Authentication Mode
Fingerprint, Password, RF Card
1:1 verification Time
< 1 sec.
1:N Identification Time
< 2 sec.(4,000 templates)
Template Capacity
6,000 templates(2 templates/1 finger, 3,000 user)
Log Capacity
20,000 logs
TCP/IP, RS485(TBD), Wiegand In/Out(26/34 bit)
Output Relay
Deadbolt, EM Lock, Door Strike, Automatic Door
Operating Temperature
-20~60 ℃
Operation Humidity
< RH 90 %
77(W) x 178(L) x 55(D) mm
Key-phone, USB memory slot
Class – Fingkey Access Plus -Fingerprint Access Control System

Standard(Fingerprint, Password)
Standard, High frequency card(13.56MHz) – Mifare, iCLASS
Standard, Low frequency card(125kHz) – HID, EM
Card only, High frequency card(13.56MHz) – Mifare, iCLASS
Card only, Low frequency card(125kHz) – HID, EM
Applications – Fingkey Access Plus -Fingerprint Access Control System
  • Time Attendance -Industry oriented Time Attendance device with Touch Keypad and User Management Software for todays Time attendance needs
  • Access Control -This is a multi-function system, capable of entry control, user defined gate access.
  • School Buildings – This can be used for school administrative tasks, including entry control and student attendance records.
  • Corporate Offices/Laboratories, Government Establishments /Commercial premises.
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Bio Time Attendance System

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Bio Time is a full featured lowest cost device with excellent matching speed of around 1000 fingers per second. Bio Time has achieved lowest FAR and FRR in a testing as compare to other 8 devices available in the industry. Traditional USB Pen Drive backup are now susceptible to Virus and other spywares so Bio Time comes with a SD card facility which is used only for Bio Time backup/restore and data transfer options. So making it the most secured device available in the market. 
Highlights1000 User Capacity
30000 Transactions
Self learning feature
TCP/IP, USB, SD Card backup options
FeaturesLCD screen with big blue background with black characters
LCD Resolution is 128 x 64 pixels
FAR is less than 0.00001%
FRR is less than 0.001%
User capacity is 1,000
Transaction capacity is 30,000
Identification speed is less than 1 second
Intelligent self-learning feature
Scratchproof Optical sensor
Supports multiple languages
High Quality voice
Low Cost
SpecificationsUSB to PC, TCP/IP Communication Options
SD Card Backup Options
5V DC Power Supply
Size: 188 x 139 x 50
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Biometric Time and Attendance System - TimeScan v2

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TimeScan v2 is one of the most advanced Biometric Fingerprint Based Time Attendance System Using Nitgen Optical Fingerprint Module and Technology. With its GPRS Connectivity, SD Card option and USB Dongle Facility for “Date Transfer”, it becomes one of the most Rich Fingerprint Based Time Attendance Device Available. These options make TimeScan v2 one of the most sought after device for remote locations where there is no internet connectivity. The 3.5 “TFT LCD Touch Screen Displaymakes it more user friendly to operate and offers rich look and feel to the device.

Special Features – TimeScan v2 Touchscreen Time Attendance

  • Inbuilt Web Server.
  • 3.5 Inch TFT Touch Screen Interface.
  • Nitgen Advanced Optical scanner and Module.
  • Support USB Disk or SD Card for Data Download.
  • Based on Linux Operating System – Customized by BioEnable.
  • Specially suitable for large projects with custom requirements.
  • Support Internal or External USB GPRS / 3G Modem for Fast Internet Connectivity.
  • Support Always connected mode for both LAN & Internet, automatically post data to web server.

Specification – TimeScan v2 Touchscreen Time Attendance

Memory128MB/ 256MB
Size180 x 150 x 55mm
Touch Screen Display3.5 “TFT LCD
Keypad OptionTouch Screen & 4×4 matrix
Power Display5V, 2A
Operating Temperature0-50 Degree C
CommunicationLAN RJ45, RS232,GPRS
ConnectivitySerial Port, USB, SD Card
RTCRTC With Battery
Authentication ModeFingerprint & Password
Identification Time2-2.4 Sec
No. of users10000
Log Capacity3Cr.
BuzzerPWM Control Buzzer

Features – TimeScan v2 Touchscreen Time Attendance

  • Facility to display company Logo.
  • Auto sensing for authentication (1:N matching).
  • User registration with multiple fingers + password for more easy access.
  • Verification with ID + Fingerprint Or ID + Password
  • Buzzer, LED & message indications for identification/verification.
  • User Id length 4-15 Digits
  • Unique device ID
  • Automatic domain name update( for LAN & GPRS)
  • Network connectivity test option.
  • Two ways for database formatting- from application & from hardware.
  • Facility to modify User password, registered finger and privilege
  • Facility to enable/disable 4 x 4 matrix keypad
  • Facility to enable/disable buzzer sound.
  • Facility to upload system logs to SD Card and/or Pen-drive
  • View system information on device itself.

Web Interface – TimeScan v2 Touchscreen Time Attendance

For a better working web interface has been provided for viewing system information, data base format, upgrading the firmware and many more other options.
  • Viewing system informationNetwork Touchscreen Time Attendance   TimeScan v2
  • DB format
  • Upgrading firmware
  • Upload new application logo
  • Download logs (Attendance logs, Application logs & System logs)
  • View Attendance logs for particular date
  • Settings for LAN date/time, admin password, device ID, log server URL
  • Reboot option
System%20Info Touchscreen Time Attendance   TimeScan v2
View%20Atte%20Logs Touchscreen Time Attendance   TimeScan v2
Accessing Logs – TimeScan v2 Touchscreen Time Attendance

  • Download from web interface.
  • Download from removable SD Card.
  • Automatically posted on Internet/ Internet web server.
  • Download to removable USB Disk (If GPRS Modem is not used).

Time Attendance Software – TimeScan v2 Touchscreen Time Attendance

Smartsuite is a web based Time Attendance management software which offers enterprise class employee Time & Attendance management solution in a single tightly integrated package. It addresses needs like organizational chart, detailed employee record management, leaves management, attendance management and Scheduling/Shift/Calendar management along with extensive Reports and Charts.
This web based Time Attendance software can be installed in office/web server (supports both Windows/Linux) and be accessed by employees, department heads, branch managers as well as management from anywhere.
Field%20Details Touchscreen Time Attendance   TimeScan v2 Dashboard Touchscreen Time Attendance   TimeScan v2
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